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About Be Well Therapy Center

Beatriz Wawra, LCSW - Founder and Therapist

Beatriz Wawra is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), and mental health therapist in New Jersey. She is the owner of Be Well Therapy Center and TEDx talk speaker. With over eighteen years of experience, working with individuals, couples and families experiencing difficulties due to depression, anxiety, trauma, anger, stress management and mood disorders.

Her good-humor and carefree personality creates a safe therapeutic environment where clients feel at ease to explore, understand, and move forward with confidence and acceptance.  Beatriz helps them gain a greater understanding in how their thought patterns and limiting beliefs stops them from being their best self.  Beatriz integrates various modalities such as solution focused, cognitive behavior and spirituality with the purpose to create the most ideal situation for growth and healing. Her professional background includes leadership in social movements, policy, advocacy, and community organization. Beatriz enjoys spending time with family, her dog Milo, friends, traveling, volunteering and dancing.

TedxTalk speaker and well-being healing holistic guide  

Be the REAL You, Selfish or Not: How to Become Your Best Self 

Depending on your faith, culture, values and environment, your beliefs will be shaped by those around you. If any of those learned beliefs are distorted it will impact the way you see yourself and your behavior. Learn to rewrite your story and discover the importance of being “selfish” by learning how to love yourself and living your truth without fear, shame or guilt in order to be your authentic self.